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For a few days ahead of the consuming of purpose household, Mr

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For a few days ahead of the consuming of purpose household, Mr

On a single of them the fresh perishing love of Christ was celebrated, a fascinating orphan girl having been earliest acknowledge on privileges of your chapel

177 1854.] OJIBWAS. 177 five of your former participants are now in connection with new Y ellow Drug Church, and something has actually passed away, today’s quantity of communicants during the Lac-qui-parle is actually twenty-two, half dozen from who are non-people. An early on woman has actually passed away at that station, giving very high enough evidence of that have chosen Christ as their own part, even though she had not produced a profession out of their particular trust in the him. Riggs trained an effective Dakota college or university american with Hong kong sexy girl, among the Indians becoming his assistant. The fresh attendance are slightly guaranteeing ; for about 1 / 2 of the full time, indeed, they averaged over thirty. Miss Spooner trained a small English college or university, up until the flames out-of March step three disrupted their labors. This excellent younger lady has returned to help you their members of the family during the Kansas. OJIBWAS. Sherman Hall, Missionary; Mrs. Betsey P. Hall. B a d Roentgen we v e r. Leonard H. Wheeler, Missionary, Charles Pulsifer, Teacher; Mrs. Harriet W. Wheeler, Mrs. Hannah Pulsifer, Miss Abby Spooner. Henry Blatchford, Local Catechist. 2 programs. 2 missionaries. step 1 male and you can cuatro women secretary missionaries. 1 indigenous helper. T his goal was at introduce composed of the brand new individuals just who belonged to they 12 months in the past ; the region from a part of the players, yet not, varies; while the labors from two others, since it areas the brand new Ojibwas, are regarded as virtually finalized. The causes which have lead to these types of unexpected alter, is actually really worth a brief list. CHOW Wing. Immediately after going to the Dakota mission, Mr. Cure ascended the fresh Mississippi in order to Crow Wing, for the purpose of conferring towards group at this channel regarding its arrangements and you may prospects, due to the fact together with from in person inspecting industry that they had very recently gone to entertain. The guy learned that they had sustained of many trials in their the household, and that they was in no way clear to what responsibility out of left anymore during the its blog post. Which have determined the main points hence drill up on it question, so far as he had been able, he returned and you may placed all of them up until the Com meters ittee; whereupon it was made a decision to surrender new route, once the needful preparations could be made. It will be appreciated your mission family got rid of so you can Crow Wing a year ago to possess a-two-flex purpose. T hey planned to establish an excellent boarding college, beneath the auspices of your United

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178 178 OJIBWAS. [Statement, States government, and also to practice the normal labors linked to this new preaching from Christ one of many heathen. But the inhabitants at this put are destined to be much smaller, it might check, than just our brethren asked, owing partially so you can a positive change out of rules regarding the latest transfer of east Ojibwas toward western region of the Mississippi, and you may partially towards war ranging from these Indians and also the Dakotas. The introduction of ardent morale towards the that it area of the Ojibwa country, moreover, is close to uncontrolled; plus it perform rarely end up being safe to anticipate a very energetic system off steps for its different. Hence, to express little from other people that will be adduced, the brand new Panel dont imagine they smart to protract the jobs in the that it route ; and also as there is no other set one of many Ojibwas, at present unoccupied, that provides enough support for missionary labor, Mr. Hall possess decided to render himself henceforth for the family services ; and then he will in all probability imagine an excellent pastoral charges when you look at the Minnesota Region. Mr. Pulsifer and Henry Blatchford would be of this Mr. Wheeler towards River Superior. L An excellent P O Into the T Age A letter D B A D Roentgen IV E Roentgen. T the guy Committee are permitted to dicuss significantly more develop regarding the brand new functions of Panel with the Lake Advanced than just they performed just last year. A giant payment of money and you may products is made on Indians at Los angeles Pointe when you look at the October past by United states governm ent; but instead ones moments from riot and diseases being so repeated toward particularly instances, there clearly was a reduced amount of intemperance and dissipation than usual; while there clearly was over typical need for the services of brand new sanctuary. Group meetings were held pretty much every night; and many of pagan Indians went to, and you can heard the message of salvation. The brand new Sabbaths was eg solemn. For the Indian broker, H. Gilbert, Esq., and to their advanced secretary, the newest sobriety and silent and that prevailed, was. primarily becoming ascribed. The new Indians at the Bad Lake have never already been a lot more hushed, amicable otherwise industrious than simply during the past seasons; nor has actually they shown alot more feeling at any time to concentrate on the truths of gospel. Numerous people, also three Chiefs, provides understood on their own to your Religious party, while having pulled the name of hoping Indians. A number of is regarded as respectful inquirers ; but nothing features given for example proof piety about warrant the entry in order to Religious fellowship. Mr. Wheeler enjoys seen but one Ojibwa in a condition regarding intoxication from the Crappy Lake for over annually.

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